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Aging and natural deterioration can cause your prized possessions to lose their visual and protective qualities.


Talk to one of our specialists if you have an antique that you would like to restore. We have over 37 years of experience in bringing valuables back to life.


Restore your family heirlooms

We can also repurpose your items

Visit today for friendly service and beautiful antiques.



It's easy to create an extraordinary atmosphere in your home with our high-quality antiques and collectibles.


Your space deserves to be embellished with treasures that tell a story of the past. Bring personality and elegance into your home with treasures from another time.


Timeless pieces for your home

We've even got stunning artwork

Our expert dealers cover an extensive amount of fields, and specialize in all eras and item types.


If you have a question about your own items, don't hesitate to stop by and ask. We can even help you restore your most valued treasures.

Expert knowledge on antiques

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Premier Interior Design Services


We can make your home or business a stunning space. We've got years of experience in designing spaces, and can help you with every aspect of interior design. Stop in, or make an appointment today to discuss how we can give your home or business a new look.

Something for everybody

Explore your dream shop of antique treasures. Our timeless collection is one of the largest in Columbus.  We feature vintage decor, gifts, and collectibles.

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